I'm Setting up TurboCash Point of Sales.

The below results are from accessing POINT OF SALE INVOICE ENTRY

When I enter the Cash Sales from the Debtors. I then want to type the discount amount, the resulting amount is zeroed. I'm not using VAT for my stock. The problem lies also in the quantity where the amount is zero.

Could someone Please help me find what settings needed to be changes to get a correct result,

Thank you in advance.

For Turbocach 4.7 (build 838)

The below picture shows the error when a Barcode is entered in the bottom field of POINT OF SALE INVOICE ENTRY

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POINT OF SALE INVOICE ENTRY: Is broken. Found it was broken since osF3-0-6-pUpd.

Below is working.

You will notice in red is the two calculation functions that have never been repaired on any version of OSFinancials also Turbocash.

I will check this.

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