Unless you have been under a rock for the last 6 months, you must have followed how President Elect Donald Trump avoided income tax over the last few years. He did this by using Depreciation!

Its all legal of course and most Governments offer you this Depreciation  opportunity. Its not preferable but he amazing thing is that you don't even need capital to begin Depreciating! Starting with a $ 1 Million will help. $10 Million will work even better.

For the sake of the 99% I am going to show you how to do it from a zero Capital base. Zero-to-Industrialist in one transaction! I like call it CZT ( Capital Zero  Trumpleau), From the French Term "trick of the eye" as espoused in the movement of Fine Art and as so deftly conjured as Donald Trump or even better as presented by Bradly Cooper and Robert de Nero in Limitless. Unless you absolutely have to, don't do this at home. It is far better to start with the $1 Million. Then that way if it all goes pear shaped,  you end up with a small fortune rather than nothing.

Trump is always investing. Investment under a leveraged position causes Depreciation,which can be offset against profit  without effecting cashflow.  Leverage can come from a number of sources. By balancing the cashflow between sales generated and cost of capital, you can become a very successful Industrialist. Property is an excellent vehicle,  but the knowlege economy presents far better opportunities.  Of course if it was as simple as that, everyone would do it. You need a  good model and a tightly controlled accounting system to manage it.

I  have developed  a Business Object including Open Office and TurboCASH Chart of Accounts that shows you how to use Depreciation to Trump like Trump. If you are a Business Class Subscriber,pick up a copy in the Business Class Lounge.

When dealing with Multi Million Dollar Capital transactions you have to be very careful of tax. Be sure to have the best advice. TurboCASH accounting works in over 80 different Tax regimes, but the principle is the same. Governments love investment (mostly because it brings them increased future taxes). To encourage investment they encourage legislation that will give businesses tax breaks for making investments. It varies from country to country, so you have to know your local conditions. Using Depreciation, businesses are at the very least able to defer tax until a future date and in the mean time use the Capital to expand.

This is what you gotta do:

i) Study your local rules and allowances. If in any doubt employ the services of a qualified accountant. Always obey the Law. As someone like Trump knows, there are two certainties, death and audits.

ii) Keep a detailed fixed asset register and regularly accrue your depreciation. We recommend this is done monthly. This is your first step to actually starting to collect assets.

iii) Once you can prove that you can do this you are ready to engage in leverage. TurboCASH Business Classusers get a number of spreadsheets as part of their $60 per year subscription. One of them is Fixed Assets. Using this spreadsheet in conjunction with TurboCASH lets you import monthly or annual depreciation transactions and make full use of this offer by The Man.

If none of this sounds familiar or makes any sense to you, then things are worse that you think,. You need to get onto these ideas with Accounting Made Easy and understand them. Investment opportunities are all around you, but you need to be able to see them before you can end up growing a huge business without paying any tax!

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Comment by Joseph Mitzen on November 20, 2016 at 21:33

Trump didn't beat his taxes through depreciation. He did it by carrying over losses, possibly illegally. He had major outstanding loans on a business that failed. If the debt were to have been forgiven, those loans would become income and he would have had a major tax liability. Instead, he gave the creditors shares in his other business ventures. The problem is that the loans were for hundreds of millions of dollars, which suggests he vastly overvalued the shares he gave to avoid a tax liability. This is probably why he's being audited.


Comment by Philip Copeman on November 21, 2016 at 12:43

You may be right.I am not an expert in US tax regulations and I have not seen Trumps  returns. I am simply taking his word for it.  The opportunity for the rest of us is not whether he was right or wrong but whether we can put together a leveraged asset purchase.

To me its a bit odd when a country leader won't reveal his tax return. I am of the opinion that tax returns should be public documents.

Comment by Bailey Belmont on January 13, 2017 at 16:29

At our writing service, called writings guru no one, literally NO ONE has voted for Trump and everyday I understand more and more why.

Comment by Philip Copeman on January 13, 2017 at 19:37

I  limit my politics to my native South Africa and I always respect the democratic choice of others. . I will miss Obama. Any President that chooses his country over  his tribe had got to be admired. I trust you will get that with Trump.

I made this post because US users are now my biggest downloaders. I want to show SMEs how they can use investment allowances.  How can I help writing guru?

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