Economist Dawie Roodt takes the typical neoliberal line on Crypto Currencies. This would be the expected response of an economist who's salary depends on pleasing his big business bosses.

Dawie, Crypto Currencies are not some parochial kids idea, they stand somewhere between a new internet protocol and a digital pitch fork revolution.

Don't invest in Crypto currencies for the speculative value (A Keynesian Approach) but invest in them for classical reasons, store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account. Learn about block chain for the reason that if unchecked it will completely disrupt the Fiat system.

Crypto Currencies are not some poor cousin of Fiat Currencies – technically they are vastly superior. A fiat currency is issued by a National authority , this is usually accompanied by a sham pretense of an Independent Reserve Bank, but these officials are usually paid by the Treasury of the issuing authority. With a Fiat Currency comes the asset of taxation. There is legislation that creates an inflow of the currency back to the authority. There is also the liability of the authority having to pay out Government expenditures on its citizens. Underlying every major fiat currency is this implicit obligation to return funds to the issuer. Sadly governements almost always cheat. The record of governannce from Argentina to Zimbabwe is shocking.

Crypto Currency are free of these fiscal forces. They vary in their creation, vary in their security, but they generally are not burdened by tax obligations (yet!). Once you understand that blockchain algorithms stand up to fraudulent attacks, stand up to attack by Revenue, you get the value of Crypto.

What you are witnessing in the speculative exchange rate growth of the main Crypo Brands like Bitcoin or Ethereum is not just an underlying change in the value of each coin, its is the global acceptance of Crypto as a real currency.

The success of blockchain has radical implications for Fiat Issuers, who start to lose control of their tax collections. Once they realize this disruption, expects Governments to start behaving very badly.

Definitely make a small investment in Crypto currencies to understand its mechanism, but also download a free copy of TurboCASH Accounting, a package with a blockchain mission. TurboCASH is your gateway to blockchain, IFRS and distributed ledgers.

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Comment by mohammad shraitih on October 26, 2017 at 11:48

How can i connect to mysql database 

Comment by Philip Copeman on October 27, 2017 at 18:11

Connect what to Mysql database?

Comment by mohammad shraitih on October 29, 2017 at 9:33

connect turbocash data on Mysql 
plz help me 

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