24 June 2016

England, today I am proud to call you my second team, a Nation of shopkeepers who never cease to astound the world. Brexit is a revolution!

The 1% threw everything that they could at you : world leaders, hedge fund managers, celebrities, industrialists and even priests. The 1% (OK me excluded) will always opt for the stability which keeps them at the top. They could not break the spirit of those of us who believe we are able to change the world not just live in it. I have been quiet on Brexit because, for parochial reasons most Commonwealth countiries stand to gain large from a Brexit Leave.  I feel vindicated that two weeks ago when Ladbrokes had it at 70% Remain, I could take my little punt  against the Pound.

David Cameron, I have always been your fan but never more so than today. From Africa where I live to the USA, where the largest group of TurboCASH users live (under dictatorships), what you did as a leader, was unthinkable. To hand a decision of this size, unencumbered to the will of the people and to risk your own personal career and ambitions to the common cause is a sign of greatness.

To the Global Capitalists throwing away Billions on the markets today, run. Run while you can because The Knights of St George have shown us that you can be beaten. Run!

Over the last 20 years the EU has subjugated its SMEs to a cross border, globally financed Club of Rome, that favors the few over the many. The workers and dependents may have been squared with pittances, as they are replaced with immigrants but those of us with the dreams and ambition to grow our small capital bases have found the milk of human kindness hard to come by. TurboCASH SME's are still here and unbelievably we are stronger.

As a TurboCASH user you are part of a community that turns over more than $3 Bn a year. We are the Bourgeoisie and we are stronger because the 1% have been rocked and as they come apart, the opportunities open up for us.

We all know the system is rotten. It is so rotten that in the US antagonists like Bernie Sanders are now pouring milk into Obama's tea as they discuss the people's capitulation to the Democratic Party's elite. Donald Trump is down the road begging enough money for a Presidential campaign that to win will leave him as leveraged and as compromised as crooked Hilary. England you have given us hope that the world can be reclaimed.

The last time we had inequality of wealth and income in the order that we have in 2016 was just over 100 years ago in 1913 – it took two world wars to bring it down. England you are a beacon showing us a peaceful way.

Right now if you are one of those that are long on Pounds and after reading this you have an anger towards me and an urge to dash out and deface the TurboCASH web site, take a deep breadth. SME Capitalists can get caught in this. The really big Capitalists don't usually have the kind of currency exposure that we do because they are able to offset their assets with local currency debt. Once against it is the non leveraged local asset owners (SMEs) that suffer these currency swings the most. No matter how dark it feels, chill – it comes back. Last year in South Africa a whole class of non leveraged capitalists experienced a 40% shrinkage of our South African Assets. It hurt, but don't go jumping off a building - you'll live

As an open source accounting vendor, I spend my days plotting guerrilla raids against some of the biggest, most vicious software vendors in the world. They don't even know that we are there. If they had the time to take their mouths out of the trough they could spit us away with a belch. After last night, we can now risk sending a TurboCASH raiding party downtown. We can do this, for surely every TurboCASH user is like me, now thinking about his larger competitor - “I no longer have to begs scraps from his trickle down table - I can take him”


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Comment by Adrian McGlinchey on June 28, 2016 at 6:30

I fully agree. Economic stability and prosperity does not end just because we no longer wear the shackles placed upon us by the globalist elite. No doubt, the globalists will orchestrate a 'No confidence' fear campaign in the banking sector and the financial markets, in order to scare us into submission, which shows their true colours as crony capitalists. Despite all this, small to medium sized entrepreneurs continue to thrive and to return much more to their local and national economies than the global corporations ever will. Hence the lesson we have learned from BREXIT; never sell out your country for thirty pieces of silver! Like-minded democratic nations will always continue to trade freely and peacefully, even without the 'help' of a totalitarian 'bully-boy' regime like the EU.

Thanks for reading my response,


Comment by Philip Copeman on June 28, 2016 at 9:02

You get it Adrian.

The short term negative are a minor fallout. The opportunities created for disruptors more than outweighs it.

I look forward to working with a new Britain.

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