Why Pay for TurboCASH Business Class

Why Pay for TurboCASH 5?

Good question, why pay $60 a year when you can get FREE accounting software?

Believe me we thought about this for a while. By buying the closed source components and bundling then together for a price of $60 the idea is to make you better off than free, not worse!

I emphasize that we will leave TurboCASH 4 as an open source project. You can download this source here . TurboCASH in this form is working software. Old fashioned, but working. If you really need the $60, keep it and run these versions. Put the $60 into buying stock and build your business! If you are a university or accounting college use the free versions to teach your students. Come back when you are off the ground.

For those of you that can afford $60 per year take advantage of these closed source technologies: Windows 10, Embarcadero Delphi XE2; Axialis Flat Icons; Devart Unidac components; Quantum Grid; Woll 2 Woll Infopower, Codeweavers Crossover (Apple).

Because of the open source history of TurboCASH we have been able to build a business free of public shareholders, venture capitalists and debt finance. Rather than ignore the developments in proprietary software, we are in the unique position to really exploit them. We start with a community of over 100 000 built on open source principles. This means that your small contribution delivers a major benefit to you. We are able to channel you annual fees directly into improving TurboCASH with the explicit aim of making you more competitive.

We are not abandoning open source and we have a plan to continue

We are now committed to making a closed source version, that uses as much open source as we can, to bring you a faster, slicker more accurate TurboCASH. Join the TurboCASH community and build quickly along side TurboCASH users that have built really large businesses with the software.

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