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Which TurboCASH

Which TurboCASH should I install?

TurboCASH comes in two flavors. Free TurboCASH 4 Open Source and TurboCASH 5 Business Class charged at an annual subscription fee.

TurboCASH 4 is freely downloadable from our Sourceforge site. Nearly 2 Million people have done it. There are over a hundred thousand users of this software. It looks a little old fashioned, runs a Skeumorphic interface and uses slower components, but it works. Screenshots of TurboCASH Business Class

TurboCASH 5 combines the open source with commercial components that give TurboCASH a flat design UI, and faster access components.

Heck you can install both if you like. They coexist on the same machine without interfering with each other.

Which one do I choose?

If you really I need the $60 choose the free one. Its best you keep the capital in your business and double it. Come to the paid subscription when you are ready. Data can be read between the tow systems, so you can make changes when you want to. Our whole is fianced out of these subscriptions. We have to give these users a good deal. Use this if you have a real business and you want to make TurboCASH an integral part of that business.

If you earn more the the minimum wage then the gain you make by taking on the $60 subscription is soon recovered.

Accounting Made Easy

For a once off fee of $25 you can get access to Accounting Made Easy, an Online Trainaing course that will teach you how to run an accounting system with TurboCASH. YOu cna use gthsi with Free open Source TurboCASH

TurboCASH Business Class

If you are serious about growing your business, from you own free will you are welcome to take out a subscription to TurboCASH Business Class. This costs an annual fee of $60. You can leave Business Class when ever you wish to simply by not renewing your annual subscription and retrun to the free system. We don't think that is going happen,  because we are really going to make it worth your while by giving you:

TurboCASH t5 with a FLAT UI and Fast database Access

Accounting Made Easy, TurboCASH.net

Access to the Business Class pages on TurboCASH.net

Plugins to extend TurboCASH

Professional membership to the Copeman Academy

Is it going to be worth the $60 per year? Yes, see the List of features Renewing your subscription next year is optional. We are not here to nickel and dime you. We work to develop TurboCASH Business Class. Next year we offer it to you, if you don't want it, carry on with what you have.

Am I going to subsidise the "Free" users? In a word Yes - but we are going to make it worth your while. We run a balance between wanting everyone to have the best program and rewarding those that actually do pay us the subscription. Business Class is  better program because it uses both open source AND adds on proprietary software.The theory is that using our collective buying power to purchase commercial programming components and adding them to TurboCASH, we get to supply these to you cheaply and have enough change over to still help those that want if for free.

Will I need help supporting TurboCASH Business Class? TurboCASH lead the field in gettign rid of compulsory service. In the previous century, using an accounting package was a religious experience of commitment. This was TurboCASH Business Class should be easy to use, with the help of the supplied training materials, there should be no extra support required. You can purchase this from our consultants in the cases where it is needed.

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