Free TurboCASH 5

Getting free TurboCASH 5

We have stopped shipping Free TurboCASH 4 because is has now fallen far behind TurboCASH 5 Given the open source history of our product I can understand that for many reasons, some of you need TurboCASH for free (for students etc). I would rather you used TurboCASH 5 than TurboCASH 4. If you have a good reason, go here to Get TurboCASH Free

Buying a TurboCASH 5 Subscription

As a community we face real challenges. The world is changing fast and we must adapt or die. When we started out in open source there were no free accounting packages. The world is now filled with free packages that take you nowhere. There are large proprietary companies there to engulf your data and turn you into an annuity item on their income statement. It is our intention to move away from a focus on free and to focus on powering up the TurboCASH system. I am committed to getting you this technology at the cheapest possible price. Right now that price is $40 per year. You can pay online at Pay pal or with a Bank Transfer

We will give free version to educators and those who have a real need for free. Wanting the other TurboCASH  users to pay to develop a joint infrastructure that you can use for free  is not a real need. As we move into cloud based systems there are now real costs to be met jointly. It is our intention to widen the contributions and keep the cost of participation low. Our current price of  $40 is not because it is cheap software, it is because we believe many will take up the subscription and share the cost of development.

The Future of TurboCASH

If you start loading your business into TurboCASH (or any accounting package) ,you should be very concerned about where we are going.

If we are able to get sufficient support from the rest of the TurboCASH users, we can move forward. Our current funding model allows us to maintain and keep TurboCASH current as a desktop application. We can run a web based community that provides front line support and connects users. The program is stable and can function both as low volume user (A bit too complex for the first time user) and can expand to a multi user high volume user (a bit too flaky on security for high volumes). However this compromise means that you can expand your business to $ 10 M plus without having to change your accounting package half way.

This is not good enough.

We plan development two to three years ahead. Some of the terminology may sound geekish to you. What we plan for now puts us ahead in the future.

Do not think for one moment that we are not in a war with big business. Given our history and momentum we should be able to do TurboCASH delivery at around one tenth of the price of the public companies. What we have on our side as SMEs is our agility. What we need is our software to work for us and not for someone else.

These are the areas we need to progress:

Cloud infrastructure -  we need to develop a web based system that will allow TurboCASH users to reach out to other systems.

Microservices - These agile systems start too make our old style silo systems (like TurboCASH) look flat footed. Time to upgrade our architecture.

Blockchain - there is a revolution at our doorstep. Current accounting systems are centred around banks. This is going to change in the future with peer to peer settlements. We need to develop now so that TurboCASH users are at the front of this revolution.

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