Bank Installation

Welcome to your new BANK service for TurboCASH Business Class.

Download your Bank Statements into TurboCASH Batches and save having to capture them.

Installing Bank

Will by default install into c:\tcash5\Bank

It will create Directory C:\Bank\Statements

Run Bank

Run Bank.exe or the Short cut

Importing your Bank Data

1) Download your OFC file from your Bank and save it in C:\TCASH5\Statements or another directory of your choice. We have placed an example for you to test.

2) Use From to tell Bank Which File to Import

3) Use To to give Bank the name of the CSV Tab Separate file that you want to write To

4) Use View to eyeball your file before converting

5) Use Process to convert and save the OFC to CSV

Open TurboCASH, open the batch that you want to use to import the CSV file

Press <F9> Delimited file Import

You Bank Statement is now imported into your batch.

6) Check Balances

7) Check that the last Batch processed to make sure you are not duplicating transactions

8) Post


Brings up the Link Screen

Description can have one, two or three fields in any order. Maximum Stringlength imposed by TurboCASH is 35. Zero denotes <Element> is not included in description

Bank Appends to the LOG file  <TC> tag with link info.

Three useful files




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