I started computing nearly 40 years ago on an Apple 2e. It was there I learned to code Pascal (Apple Pascal), which is still the language I use today (Delphi Pascal). In that time Windows has dominated. There is no space here to explain just how much that domination held back the world, however as an accounting software vendors it is not our place to fight the battles of operating systems.
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Accounting systems are very important to the successful development of any business.

We have over 120 000 TurboCASH users on Windows. TurboCASH is a complex program that  has nearly 1 Million lines of Pascal Code and carries complex business rules that enable you to run a business from small to very large without changing your software. The value of TurboCASH goes way past operating systems. I want you to use TurboCASH, no matter what your operating system and I don't want you to suffer prejudice because you are an Apple user.

A few years back I met a developer, James Ramey of Codeweavers who took on as his passion to create a Windows Bottle for Apple and Linux users that would allow them to run Windows programs on Mac an Linux. James did this years before the Cloud and Docker and should be admired for his vision.  We are now in the declining days of desktop software and cloud systems will keep growing. Products like bottles, Codeweavers and TurboCASH are ideally suited to be ported to the cloud.

Until this happens I don't want Apple users left high and dry on accounting. This is what I am offering you:

TurboCASH runs with Codeweavers and makes our Windows architecture transparent to you.

Normally we sell TurboCASH Business Class for $50 per year. I am going to give the first year subscription to you free so that you can use this money $50 to purchase a copy of Codeweavers from

It gets better - you can download a 14 day free trial from Codeweavers and try TurboCASH Business Class free on Apple.

This makes you one better than Windows users who have to pay up front for TurboCASH Business Class.
If after 14 days you don't like TurboCASH on Codeweavers, delete it and pay nothing.

TurboCASH Business Class is sold as an annual subscription and it is our mission to take advantage of the proprietary software available to augment TurboCASH and to make your purchase way worthwhile. So during the year I will keep sending you updates and improvements.

We trust that you will be able to significantly grow your business and TurboCASH will scale with you.

Once you have installed Codeweavers, mailme for the TurboCASH Apple Business Class links

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