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TurboCASH Trademarks and History

Why TurboCASH?

TurboCASH users need help from experts.

TurboCASH has a very wide doamain of application. Full accounting for an SME, General Ledger f or a Medium Enterprise andPLannign tool fro a Laergec orporation.

TurboCASHBusiness Class comes with both TurboCAHS4 andT urboCASH 5. You are free to distribute TurboCASH 4 Free to your clients

Pick from our growing repository of charts of accounts

Use TurboCASH flexibility as a Planning tool in a VERY LARGE BUSINESS.

TurboCASH Project

TurboCASH is a batch driven, double entry, rollback database, that in conjunctions with Spreadsheets is an exceptional planning and reporting tool for corporates.

You can use TurboCASH to facilitate IFRS or GARP practices in over 80 countries.

TurboCASH Accounting is committed to Open Source Development. Sources for our TurboCASH 4 products are uploaded to

We are now planning a new open souirce porject around Blockchain and hyper ledger. Join the Developer Groups

We also have a functioning commercial offering that does not involve goughing or excessive licencing demands.

Earn revenue by selling TurboCASH Business Class Licences or plugin add ons to your clients.

Earn by training and consulting the TurboCASH Commmunity 130,000 users.


Delphi, Java Script, SQL

Firebird, Indac, Reportman


Node js, Redis, React

Inventory, Invoicing, Cashbook,

Debtors Creditors

Full reports

Repeating Entries

Multi Language

Report Drill Downs

Rollback Database

Open Source Data

Spreadsheet Integration

Cloud Applications

World Class General Ledger

Batch Driven, Double Entry

IFRS and GARP Accounts

Tax Compliant in 80 Countries

Accounting Frameworks (TurboCASH)

TurboCASH 6 js (Javascript)

TurboCASH 4



(Open Office)

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