I am open to any ideas that you have on a Reseller strategy. We need one that works. We have only one chance to make a good first impression. The limitation being that whatever decision we make must run the same accross all markets. We don't want resellers trying to poach of each others territories. There is no need to go outside your own area. The market is hundreds even in small cities. Accounting is something that every business needs and there is enough distrust of big business for each of us to succeed.

The success of this will be your ability to handle the facebook platform in your area. The more you sell the more they raize their prices. very clever people.

Have no doubt that at $200 per year single user and $ 300 for 3 users,  we are heading into confrontation with SAGE and INTUIT. I have actually missed competing against  these guys the last few years. - I am looking forward to it.  They are just a warm up for the real war - Blockchain - and we will be ready.

1) My thinking is we launch it as  "TurboCASH First Class" - it is TurboCASH Business Class with a Personal mentor - You The Reseller - who makes sure that TurboCASH works in the given city. You have to be the difference between the two prices. We just need simple messages that convince them to make the extra expenditure. Funny thing -  it is an easier step from $40 to $200 than it is from free to $40. Business people see this as an insurance. They don't have to rely on some crazy guy in Africa, they can rely on you.

The $150 that you make is not a support contract. If the users want support they still have to pay $50 an hour - you are there to guarantee to them that they can find support if they need it. We have users that spend thousands of Dollar every month in their installations.  As their businesses grow TurboCASH becomes a vital partner.

a   s g

The "prestige" is that by combining the $150 from each of the users, you get enough budget to put the effort into really looking after your city. And that will beat your local SAGE or Qucikbooks resellers who are simply coogs is in a very big cranky wheel.

2) I want to keep it as simple as possible - I like the idea of starting a $50,000 a year business with $100 - so I will set up the steps. We are going to need a basic landing page for each reseller, a simple facebook ad campaign that can start on $ 60 and grow from there. I am looking at Shopify. I could also set it up on Ning.  I will take Cape Town as an example. https://www.facebook.com/Turbocash-Cape-Town-1736935329945934

I can help with the graphics, but you need to be able to make the Facebook Page and set the facebook campaign going.

3) The margin is set high in your favor on purpose. It gives you the room to advertise and even to pass sales commissions. I have been a small  business person myself for 30 years. I hate low margin business. The gross profit that you make is the difference between the Business Class Price (What I make) and the First Class Price.(What the user pays) See Pricing

This then gives the user a free choice to pay free $40 or $200.

4) Making it your own. We will keep it simple for now - just a facebook page- facebook campaign and a Pay Pal gateway. I want you to have the oportunity to "own" your city. You do that through adding IP. We will start with the chart of accounts, but I will show you how to add other microservices and we will in the medium term develop reseller products to  add to the mix.

5) I am starting to get duplicate applications for the same territories. I will work like this: First qualification is the Reseller must be a  TurboCASH Business Class User themsleves. Then it will be done on first come first served. Then we agree on a target and as long as you meet the target you keep it, otherwise we appoint it to the next person. You have to beahve ethically.that means always take the users side in any conflict. Its a variation on the customer is always right.

I am looking at user bases of between 100 to 300 to give you an income of $15,000 to $45,000 per year before advertising.

Once you get to these figures, the business  in fact explodes because the users "grow into" your other services. traiaingbecomes a really easy one to offer (You get people into a room charge them $100 and read them Accounting Made Easy!

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It has been suggested to me that we have a single price for TurboCASH Business Class Subscriptions and that that price is set at $150 world wide, up to 3 users.

We would split the revenue $100 to the reseller and $50 to The TurboCASH Project in the first year and $75 each on renewals.

I do want to get comments from  Resellers before jumping into such a radical change in thinking. 

The most important factor  is to come up with a structure that most benefits the users. Users tend to think in much shorter horisons than us. They would like to see product for free and don't think more than one year ahead.Those of you that know TurboCASH , know that we have been a stable project for 30 years. We must make decisions today that work for a much longer term. What we develop today will be used until 2030!


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