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Official Languages

The overall official languages of Canada is English and French. 

Update 4 August 2016

Fixes to CANADIAN Books

  • #305 Documents – Documentlayout - Document Type -

  • Languages – Quotes and Estimates US BOOKS refers to Estimates in Language files and Quotes in TYPES table – Canada syncronised these to refer to Quotes

  • Batches incorrect – Payment and Receipt batches and added the Sales, Purchase and General batches.

  • Types table –

    • Added 4 missing Groups and 2 missing Paper types records in TYPES table

    • Deleted 6 Colours records in TYPES table not used in both TurboCASH 4 and TurboCASH5 databases (Sets of Books).

Regards Danie

Quebec's Official language is French. The official languages in the Provinces of Manitoba and Ontario is English. New Brunswick is the only officially Bilingual province. For all of the other Provinces, English is the official language.

The language codes, followed by the country code, are as follows:

  • en-ca - English Canada
  • fr-ca - Français (French) Canada


copy the language file into \TCASH5\bin\languages

Sample sets of accounts:

Unzip these as directories in \TCASH5\books They will then appear in your Open list

Copy this language file into \TCASH5\bin\Language  It will then appear as as a language option.


Current ares of R&D:

Update the language file

Make sure that the invoicing is working. It may require multiple Vat Rate eg Fed plus Ontario, Fed plus Quebec. 


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