TurboCASH Portable edition (1) and use of Firebird for other databases (2)

Dear Turbocashites

The Turbocash programme has caught my eye - it looks really good and I am preparing to install it on my trusty laptop. I'm planning to get hold of the CD with all of the extras as part of that. I've queried the following on the community and haven't seen anything on them: apologies if I have duplicated questions asked elsewhere.

Turbocash portable edition

Before I do the installation I'd like to find out what the deal is on the 'Turbocash on a USB key'. Is this a fully functioning system, and am I able to clone and reinstall this on other USB keys to use on more than one entity? What are the pluses and minuses of using this version?


I'm also curious to know if I can use the SQL database once installed in Windows to create additional databases for data analysis etc.

Very best luck with the product, I am looking forward to using it.


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Turbocash portable edition:
It's just like working on your pc.
+ you can do this on every computer (ie your accountant's) without the need of a loptop
- If you loose your USB stick (or forget it in your pants just before the laundry) you have nothing left.

You can add as many databases/tables/fields as needed

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