Probably not the best place to post this, however....

We tried looking for a more appropriate place, like support, forums, wikis; but until one registers their TurboCash install, there isn't anyway of communicating with the community; not even a 'Contact Us' link.

So, here goes:

We attempted to register our install, but the process continues to report an error of improper email address.  The email address we used is certainly valid and without typo's.

Could someone who is a registered user, please post this issue to the appropriate venue?

We will give it a day or so and try again.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you sort this out Richard?

Hi Turbocash peeps

I have tried a few times to register my copy of the software using the 'get it online' button but the software does not think that the computer is online, please see image above (can't paste it below). Do I need to configure firewalls etc. to get this working?

See screenshot above. You can see the wifi icon which shows that the machine is connected to the internet (through which I am typing this!

Best regards

Al Brewer

No need to registrer anything. You are registered  here on thsi site. Simply use the program.

Hi Philip,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I thought that the number of transactions was limited to 150 without registration?

Best regards


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