Producing Delivery/Despatch Note without Invoice Number

Hi All

Using TB and previously we use to send customer orders out with delivery note showing goods requested and then submit invoice.

I want to do the same on TB but using the delivery note on TB shows invoice number.

Is there any way that a despatch/delivery note can be produced without invoice number being displayed.

Many Thanks

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I've tried re-creating this in an older set of books as follows:
First make sure that you have different numbers set up for different document types:
- Top menu: Setup
- Second row icons: Documents Setup
- In the following screen, you'll notice that for each type of document you can set the starting number: Suggestion: for quotes use a 'Q' as starting character of the number, eg 'Q01000'
- You can also define the 'layout' file that will be used,i.e. printing template > Select 'Delivery Note' from the list

To create the quote:
- Select 'Documents' and then 'Quotes'
- Create a new quote with the information, as you would an Invoice - it will create a quote document
- save and print and see if that is what you need.

To create an invoice from the delivery note:
- 'Documents'/'Quotes' as per previous
- Select 'Unposted' in drop-down below the 'Search by'-label
- Select the Quote
- Select 'Confirmation'-button on the left
- You can then choose to create the invoice and delete the quote, or keep the quote to create another invoice, e.g. in case the customer only accepts partial quote with balance to be invoiced later.

The main thing is to make sure of 'Document type', Document numbers and print layout selected.



Many thanks for the information and found it very helpful


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