We have been successful with TurboCASH because we are able to push it at a very wide audience. No kidding you can, and people do use TurboCASH in over 80 different Tax regimes.

You can Run a Payroll in TurboCASH. Using a spreadsheet as an input calculator. It is best with  homogenious employees and loses value if the number of employees or the heterogenuity increases.

Payroll Companies tend to have a scope only inside a single regime, and so tend to have little value to us. Also because their scope is so low the Dev/User ratio is too high. In the case of TurboCASH it is 3 to 150,000 or 1 in 50,000. Every $1 contributed by  a user generates $50,000 for a developer. In a company with 3 developers managing say a 150 users, that ratio drops down to $50. ( not coincidently our consulting rate). This means that every time a payroll developer gives you an hour of time they are expecting to make   $50.

So if you are a TurboCASH user and want  to use TurboCASH to run a Payroll this is how you do it:

i) You purchase a subscription to TurboCASH Business Class for $60 per year,  where you get  Accounting in Made Easy included and we explain it to you.  And you get a payroll spreadsheet template that you will help you to get this done.

iia) You purchase the assistance of Consultant for $50  an hour and they read Accounting Made Easy to you.


iib) You decide to keep your money and solve this yourself.

iii) Update your chart of accounts to include Payroll accounts

Decide if you are going to A)  enter Payroll Data directly into TurboCASH package,

                                             B) modify  the spreadsheet,

                                             C) get a third party payroll company

                                               (These start at around $200 per year each). CAUTION : you are on your own here. TurboCASH Accounting does not endorse any payroll package. 

iv) You then have to create a repeating batch in TurboCASH to accrue payroll and credit to a control account or set of sub accounts

v) You then use the payments batch to balance all liabilities

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