There are 100 000 plus TurboCASH users. Off the main page on go to the community center. Here is the direct link

I have been working in this community for 10 years in  open source (another 20 years before that in the proprietary model). It is important to understand that in the world of accounting, the milk of human kindness does not flow easily. You can get as much help as you are willing to pay for. I would be misleading you if I told you there was abundance of free help out there in the accounting universe. Generally the people that come to this project are in it for the money. You should not expect to get real  help from anyone unless you are prepared to cross their palms with silver. If you don't particularly like doing your books or dealing with the taxman, you can imagine that outsiders are even less enamored with the idea of spending a few hours balancing your backlog.

If you know accounting programs (SAP, SAGE, MYOB, Quickbooks etc) you should pick up TurboCASH, without anyone helping you and simply run with it. If you can't do that, it  is usually because you don't understand accounting or you don't understand computerised accounting or both. I won't lie to you, if this is you, it is an uphill battle from there. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can either make the effort to understand it or you can spend the rest of your life dependent on someone else to interpret the data for you. Very few people get rich without understanding accounting and those that do, usually lose it very quickly.

I truly believe that TurboCASH offers you the best option in this field. Never believe that there is free help from any of the proprietary vendors or their consultants. FIRST THEY WILL SELL YOU A LICENCE THEN THEY OFFER SOME OF THAT LICENCE FEE AS SUPPORT. If you get through to a proprietary vendor who is prepared to talk to you and help , know that you have entered a a cat and mouse game in which if you become ensnared, you will spend the rest of your business days paying them money.  In the end they ALL CHARGE for time spent helping you. It is the same consultants that do the work for us. In fact most of our own consultants would rather  sell you something first and then help you! Open Source TurboCASH may seem terse and unfriendly, but we are not trying to sell you a licence.

OK so what do you do?

1) For a casual look at clearing the fog,  go to YouTube and Search for TurboCASH. Ignore the pyramid scheme scammers that use the TurboCASH names and look for the volunteers that have put up some really nice introductory videos.

2) We have made it easier for you by developing a Tutorial called Accounting Made Easy. We sell this as an ebook for $25.  Get it here:

3) If 1 and 2 above don't cut it for there is still hope, but now its going to cost you. For around $ 50 an hour we can arrange for a consultant to read Accounting Made Easy to you. (takes about 4 hours)

4) If you still don't get it and now you actually want someone to do it for you, this is like "employing an accountant". It depends on the complexity of your problem. Our top consultants earn $ 1000 per day. You can get help for cheaper, but the less you pay the less is the quality of the consultant.

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Hi Philip,


I need some help, this is the first time I am using Turbo Cash.


My problem is I cannot post or update a ledger to an invoice that I have created, upon updating it prompt an error the invoice is a financial entry type.


Please see attached print screen.


Hoping for your assistance.




Thank you,



Marvin G. Mendoza

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