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I like the concept of Open source and it seems to me that a move away from Delphi may be inevitable.


I have been using Delphi since the Borland started out with Paradox, then moved on through the version of Delphi. It was affordable for a single user writing application for their own use.

This has all changed BUT I think the point the Embarcadero may have missed in pricing the product high for low end users it that there people mature and will most likely use the technology they started with.


If we are economically forced to change then let Embarcadero go their own way, I can’t help but get the feeling that they may become a lost technology that we have seen so many others big companies suffer because of old  ideas of value in the market.


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We are in really deep.  It is a licencing nightmare that over the years I have learned that "open source" is a very lose term.

TurboCASH 4 and5 are just under 1Million lines of Delphi Code. TurboCASH4 is compiled in Delphi 7. I have it running on VMWare, Windows XP and using a few commercial libraries including Woll 2Woll and Quick Reports. (Each of these guys is tryung to twist their knife into some rent seeking activity.

TurboCASH 5 is compiled in Windows 10, Embarcadero XE2 using Quantum, Indac and Axialis. These guys are all harder meaner and more determined to extract revenues.

I personally have a copy of Emabarcadero Seattle and about to install Berlin. I paid $800 for this and its not over. They are putting  the knife it by restricting data base access. Embarcadero is anglingtowards a $ 900 per annum fee. As their use base shrinks, we can expect to come under increasing pressure here.

Now when you start looking to developer resources around these technologies, the milk of human kindness rapidly dries to dust in the wind.

We are fortunate here. TurboCASH 4 will survive as an aging ugly (it was beautiful when we made it) General ledger without much talk to the outside world.

TurboCASH 5 will last as is for around 5 years as an aceptably web aware application. It will run in Azure, EC2 or any mainstream cloud app. Codeweavers and Docaker will extents its instances on the web. We are gettignreally good results integrating TurboCAHS into Spreadsheet systems.

Personally I beelive that weneed to startmaking Javascript microservices to enable out users data to engage the web and the mobile web. This should all be done in the confines of what we are - A General Ledger.

We should first have a serious discussion about who our users are and who our developers are.
Allan Swanepoel wrote:
Hi Philip  Allan here, an avid follower and supporter of Turbocash over the last few years.  
I would like to contribute to turbocash opensource edition, and possibly build out
a python web version of turbocash.
Would you be interested in collaborating on something like this?

My answer :

We are at a crossroads. Over the last30 years I have been involved with 5 major revisions of TurboCASH. SO of all people I know jsut howbug theresource - coding-testign-rollout on a new verison is. A millionlines fo code is always huge and as we get bigger tehlegacy issues becime overwhelming.

The good news is that there is no rush. The current TurboCASH will last for a few more years yet.

The real question is to we push the current architecture further or start to  build a new architecture.

Do not underestimate the value of a stable system. The current TurboCASH has taken almost 10 years to get to this point. Thefact that itworks, peopel can install it and get correctdata is avery valuable asset. It ahsnotalwaysbeen liek that adn thereisnothingworse than users with Trialbalances that do not balance.

I have had a casual look at Python, but not gone deeply into it. I would like top break with the monolithic-old style compile that we have maintained for so long and replace it with an architecture based on manageable microservices. But we could this even with the current system.

I am not sure what the support for Python is. What I have learned about programmers is that you cannot ask them to change their skill sets and you cannot present them with high barriers to entry.

I have some simple projects in mind around IO. For example bringing in OFC an CSV files from bank;

Linking to hyper legers protocols;

Publishing stock and report data to a web store (data warehouse not a shop)

The issues we are discussing here are the primary reason that  I split the project into OS and Commercial. While Embarcadero does offer us assets, if only for historical reasons. We can expect an ever increasing cost structure. This does not mean we should chuck it all away, but we will lose the benefit of open source.

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