Turbo CASH 3 is now over 10 years old. There are over 50 000 TurboCASH users on Version 3 or earlier. We first released Version 3 in 2003. We do keep encouraging users to stay up with us on new versions with year end being a good time to do it. However you can't fault the logic of "if -it -ain't -broke -don't -fix -it"

This is a tribute to the robustness of the TurboCASH Software. If you are trying to convert your Version 3 data to Version 5,  you are usually trying to bring data from 10 years back (TCASH 3 was designed to run on Windows XP).

The cost of the  do nothing strategy is that when you finally do decide to make the change (yes we do have users that stay in business for 15 years!), your business will be bigger and data issues  will have compounded. Conversion of  old data is never going to be a happy experience.

Your choice is:

1) Leave the conversion and take on opening balances

Download Version 5 (Free, $50 or $150) get your books ready for 2017 and on 1 March take on opening balances. The cost is your time. The benefit is that you start with a clean slate and a working set of books in TurboCASH 5.

If this is your choice go download TurboCASH 5 at www.turbocash.net

2) Engage a consultant to do this for you.

You get on with your business and leave learning these database quirks to someone that has done hundreds of these conversions before. He hacks at it and may or may not find structural problems in your data. The benefit is that you get over all or most of your data and it gets externally audited. The cost is that you may be bringing in garbagge (Old debtors you no longer sell to, stock items that are no longer relevant). In short  you bring in the data structure that you set up 10 years ago.   

If this is your choice open a support ticket for  three sessions ($150 ) and I will appoint a consultant to work for you.

3) Do this yourself

First take a longhard look at you TurboCASH 3 reports: Trial Balance, Debtors List, Creditors List, Stock List. If this is filled with names you can't even remember, read 1) above again.

You will need to convert your data from TurboCASH 3 to TurboCASH 4 (most of us did this 5 years ago with Windows Vista). If you are trying this on an operating system after Windows Vista, you are using software that was not around when we wrote the conversion and offered it to you 5 years ago. Once you have successfully done this conversion, take a look at you data and make sure that it is still making sense, other wise you may wish to return to 1) above. If you are happy that you are not bringing in garbage, then you need to move from TurboCASH 4 to TurboCASH 5.  If you have problems doing this return to 2) above.

If this is your choice go download TurboCASH 4 at www.turbocash.net

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